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Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers was one of the best shows that I've seen in quite a long time. Along with great music, Shane and the guys were very involved with the audience. They are truly entertainers in every aspect. I can't wait for them to come around again! ”

— Charlie Sheeran - Monroe, NY

EightFingers is a soul driven, Southern charmed, rock ignited group based in Eastern PA/Hudson Valley NY.
This group brings delight to every audience - raising the dancers out of their seats and captivating the listening crowd with their dynamic control and blues sensibility. In addition to original material, EightFingers covers a wide variety of music from the genres of rock, blues, soul, country, pop, and more! This is a group built on bringing people together - love and friendship is what we are all about!

Say hello to our band:

SHANE SCARAZZINI: Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

Originally from the Hudson Valley, New York, Shane Scarazzini is a workaholic guitarist, vocalist and co-founder of the EightFingers band.
Shane began to cut his teeth in the music business while still in high school, staying out all night in blues and rock clubs to sit in with
musicians who inspired him and taught him the way of the stage. The most influential of these groups would be The Rusty Paul Band - led by the son of the legendary Les Paul.

Shane began performing as a full time musician immediately after graduating high school, performing live and in the studio with the Jason Casterlin Band - a six piece country rock band from New York.

In 2014, he relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where he would hit the ground running and perform over 300 shows in a two year period all across the United States of America with several Nashville recording artists, including Aaron Owens, Ty Bates, and American Idol's Elvie Shane, as well as a tour with Carnival Cruise Lines, and a debut in the theater world as a cast performer in Jason Petty's award winning Hank & My Honky Tonk Heroes!

Today, Shane is proud to work as the frontman and bandleader of "EightFingers" - the beginning of a revolution in original music.


DON HOLOCHER: Drums, Vocals

Veteran drummer, Don Holocher, originally hails from Queens, New York. As a child, the incredibly expansive music scenes from New York City to Virginia Beach exposed him to live encounters with giants such as Queen, Humble Pie, Freddie King, Albert King, and even a personal meeting with John Mayall, of John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers. Thus began an eclectic musical journey for Don, beginning in the vein of non-commercial classic rock, and transcending over the years through blues, rock, grunge, and beyond. His early drumming influences include Simon Kirke, Ginger Baker, Phil Ehart, and Ian Paice, to name a few.

At age 12, Don sustained an injury that amputated two fingers on one of his hands. He quickly developed his own unique technique to adapt and continue drumming, and did not waste any time doing so - he even got back on the drums while still in a cast!

In 2001, Don produced an album titled "Two Roads" by Obstacle Illusion, and played drums on every track. The album was released on Broken Records.

Don Holocher is a family man, and took 20 years off of the concert circuit to raise his family. Now he is back on the scene and better than ever, with an amazing arsenal of experience and influences to back him up.

LUCAS CARILLO: Bass, Vocals, Engineer