An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it.”

— Roy Ash



Howdy! I’ll cut right to the chase - you’ve most likely made it this far in my website because you’re considering hiring me for a musical project, or you’re just curious about who I am as an artist. So, instead of hiring out somebody on Fiverr to write me a sparkly biography in the third-person, I wrote it myself. Enjoy!

My name is Shane Scarazzini - I am a professional musician based in Nashville, Tennessee. Inside of the title of “professional musician,” I am an original artist, songwriter, bandleader, and guitar player.

I was born in Newburgh, New York, in the voluptuous and beautiful Hudson River Valley.

My professional journey began in 2011, when at the ripe age of 17, I was taken under mentorship by The Rusty Paul Band. “Rusty” Les Paul Jr, God rest his soul, was the eldest son of Les Paul, and led a phenomenal group of musicians based out of northern New Jersey. I followed the group around with my guitar, and they taught me how to properly function and communicate with a band. I was still in high school, and would often be out playing with the Rusty Paul band until the wee hours of the morning on school nights, but I knew every minute I spent on stage was worth more than any of the education I got in school.

I was performing music full time straight out of high school with whoever would hire me - including the Jason Casterlin Band, an original Country Rock band from the Hudson Valley. It was at this point where I began to fall in love with the sounds of Country music - uncharted territory for most of the other tenants of the New York Blues scene that I came up in. Country music was becoming a part of my DNA. Just as sure as the river flows, this is what brought me to Nashville.

Fortunately for me, the work was plentiful and came running to me quickly when I got to Nashville, which were particularly ideal circumstances for a naive 20 year old guitar slinger new to town. I took every gig that came my way - on the road, in town, out on the ocean, and beyond. My hunger to play guitar and make an impact was palpable in the air to anyone around me.

After nearly three years of touring the United States as a guitarist with a variety of different groups, I decided that if I had any chance at a career as an original artist, then it was time to move from the side of the stage to the front. I dropped everything, cleared my touring schedule completely, and lived off of credit cards for months in order to invest 100% of my time into building “Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers.”

Shane Scarazzini & EightFingers was launched in late 2016 and continues on today, bringing my identity as a songwriter and bandleader to the front of the stage in the form of a power trio. Before long, the investment paid off, and I was now making my living under my own name and direction. I share this journey with two of my best friends - Don Holocher on the drums/percussion, and Lucas Carillo on the bass, backup vocals, and various other job titles including studio engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and beyond.

Today, I continue to tour the United States as a solo act, working with other groups, and with EightFingers. I am blessed to lead this exciting and colorful life. I’ll see you out there somewhere!